Share your favorite puppy stories!

We love to hear from our puppies families, so please send us photos and stories about your puppy!

   “Zoomerang has been through four different training classes – Puppy, Basic Obedience, Agility I, and now Intermediate Obedience. She graduated first in her class. She absolutely loves the agility obstacles so we’ve got her signed up for Agility II starting in April. She’s well on her way to taking the CGC test – and hopefully meet the requirements to be a therapy dog so we can do some volunteer work together.”– Gretchen
   Annie is very special!  She has an amazing, loving, and sweet personality. We couldn’t be more pleased.– The Epperson Family
   Maddy’s Thanksgiving Hunt – “Miss Maddy even assisted last weekend with some cattle work, rotating them into the next pasture. So we may need to write the AKC, or a congressmen to see if working livestock can be added to the Vizsla resume. I have to say with full confidence, that she is going to be a very exceptional bird dog, and faithful companion. Thank you again for such a great dog!”– H. Wallace
  “Riley is a good puppy and we are so happy to have her. Thank you again for a great puppy.”– The Lang’s
   “Zora is an angel and we could not be happier. She has been an angel to train and is unbelievably smart and willing to learn. Thanks so much and I can not tell you how happy we are with our little girl!”– Eryn Leach
   “Abby and Patton graduated puppy kindergarten tonight as “valedictorian and salutatorian.” But, just letting you know how smart they are and how well they’re coming along. They are wonderful pups and we’re crazy about them! Thanks so much again. “– The Webb Family
   “Lola had her first vet appointment Monday and the vet was very impressed with how healthy she was. It speaks volumes for how well you take care of the dogs!! I just wanted to tell you thank you for such a wonderful puppy and she has adjusted well to her new home.”– Shari
   “The doctors at the vet think I should show her, she is doing well in obedience, very intelligent. Thanks again, she is turning out to be quite a companion.”– Jon
   “Vanessa and I couldn’t be more happy with her. When ever we walk her or take her to the vet, we get tons of compliments on what a good looking dog she is. I think you were right about her being a good hunting dog, she points at just about everything and is always looking in the sky for birds.”– Heath and Vanessa
   “She is our baby and love of our lives. She is smarter than most dogs and extremely loving. She is the BEST.”– The Clarks
   “He is a great puppy and we are very pleased with him. He weighs 15 lbs. now! Thank you for this wonderful puppy!”– Don & Linda Pate
   “You guys are awesome, you know what you’re doing and do a great job with the pups!!!”– Veronica and Peter
   “Izzie is doing well, for such a young puppy, in telling us when she needs to go outside. We want to thank you again for raising such a great little dog.”– Daniel and Michelle