Now Interviewing Families

I have a Vizsla family who can no longer keep their 2 year old female.  I am interviewing families at this time so please email me at to set up a time.  The female will need lots of room to run, preferably a family with a ranch or a few acres as she is extremely active.   She was raised around small children, other animals and is a typical loving Velcro dog.  Thank you!!!

Spring 2017 Vizsla Litter

Faith baby 2014I want to start by saying Thank You to all of our wonderful families.

For well over a decade you all have put so much time and love into our Redheaded kiddos.  Thank you for sharing your pics and updates so that we can watch all of our babies grow.

I know that many of you have inquired about a 2nd and some a 3rd Vizsla for the 2017 year.  I do have a wait list started for 2017 so for my Spring litter I have 2 available spots.  Call or email me to secure your spot.

Just some shared Vizsla love!!!!



Vizsla puppies due in August!

Daisy and Nador will have a litter of puppies in August.  I have 2 available spots on her wait list as of today.  If you signed up for the website updates that is the reason why you’re receiving this message, it’s automatically sent out.  I am not personally emailing you so please disregard if you’re not interested in a puppy.  Only serious inquiries please.

On a side note please keep your pets cool in these hot summer months as they can get heat stroke just as humans.  Remember Vizsla are a single coated breed so they will get sunburned too.  If you keep your Vizsla outside during the day make sure they have shade and put water in a small plastic kiddie pool so that they can stay cool.


For those of our families who don’t know Birs she comes to us straight from Hungary and has been a wonderful loving addition to our family.  Birs loves the water and where you see the kids she’s in tow.  


Birs and Nador

Nador, straight from Hungary…

For those of you that I talk with quite often you will be happy to know that Nador has made his transition here at the ranch and although he has only been with us a few months he acts as though we’ve been his family all along. 

Nador is 4 years old and comes to us from Hungary. We are still working on the English language but I now speak Hungarian at least in his Field Trial commands and such.  We couldn’t have asked for a more loving and affectionate Vizsla.  Nador has a top of the line pedigree and holds numerous titles in Hungary where he was worked on a daily basis. 

Nador and Faith will be expecting a litter at the first of March in which I only have a few spots open so please email me if you want to reserve a spot.